Our poster cabinets will clearly display important information to your parents and visitors whilst beautifully decorating areas around your school.

Each cabinet is weatherproof, waterproof and shatterproof. It comes with door stays (to allow easy access while inserting posters) and is lockable. Our poster cabinets come as standard at 30" x 40" or 60" x 40" with a non-magnetic cabinet. Alternatively we can provide a 40" x 40" magnetic cabinet or a bespoke cabinet can be made if you are restricted by wall area for size.

Each of our poster cabinets is supplied with a branded backboard, utilizing your school's logo and colouring. Artwork will, of course, be provided, free of charge, to show you how the cabinet will look.

Call us on 01914172929 to order your poster cabinet today or to speak to one of our trained operatives for more information.